Briana Lee

First Impressions

Briana Lee has the sort of curvy body that´s impossible to resist: Big tits, sexy hips, flat tummy, and a big beautiful ass. She´s all natural and she´s fully nude (on the tour she makes it sound like that wasn´t always the case so it´s a welcome change). The free samples are titillating and it looks like her webcam shows can get awfully naughty with a close up focus on her pussy. She looks like the sort of bodacious curvy girl that I can´t get enough of. Plus, she has some awesome ink around her waist and you know that naughty girls love tattoos.

Hot Promises

The tour is chock full of free content and that in and of itself is a sign of good things to come. When a girl doesn´t have much to offer the tour is all sleight of hand with lots of shiny pictures but nothing that qualifies as a real sample and very little information. Here you get free pictures and a free video along with screenshots from her webcam shows and her HD videos. Plus, she lists the webcam schedule so you know when she´s coming online next. Promises are for lots of nude pictures, fun solo play, her big tits, and webcam shows starring a slew of other hot ladies.


Briana Lee loves being an adult performer. She embraces the life by going to the adult trade shows, meeting fans, making connections, and having a great time. Why is this worth mentioning? Girls like her are the ones that stick with it for a long time. They´re the ones that continue to update their sites, connect with their fans, and build a long-lasting presence on the web. That means her site is much more likely to be around for a long time, to give you great value, and to turn you on long term. What she´s done so far is awesome so there´s already great value here.

The member´s area is simply designed and free of annoying ads. She´s been updating regularly and you can find the most recent sets on the main page along with her Twitter feed in case you want to follow her daily life (she seems to Tweet a ton). Along the top of the page is the navigation bar that takes you to the picture galleries, videos, webcam shows, and blog. The blog is free to anyone that wants to check it out so it´s largely used as a promotional device where she shows off some of her latest content, teases you about photo shoots and public appearances, and more. That makes sense, but more personal content would be even better. There´s some of that on there though so you can learn a little about her.

According to the date on the content sets Briana´s site went live in September 2010. The fact that she´s still here updating twice a week is great news. There are currently 79 picture galleries, 80 videos, and 69 archived webcam shows. The photo sets typically have 40-60 images and are displayed in a thumbnailed gallery. They´re high resolution at 1200px and there are no zip files for download. Videos can be streamed online or downloaded in WMV, FLV, and M4V. A high definition version is offered for most. The webcam shows can be downloaded in FLV or streamed online.

A Briana Lee picture set tends to follow a similar pattern. She starts dressed in something arousing. Then she strips over the course of 40 or so pictures and gives us a selection of topless or fully nude pictures. Her hands make their way to her tits and pussy on most occasions but she rarely masturbates in the pictures. They´re mostly centerfold style where she models her hotness and poses to look as sexy as possible and make your bone throb. It works well because she has those big tits and that big beautiful ass.

The variety of outfits is the key to making each set, which almost all follow the same basic outline, arousing. She almost always goes with something sexy and revealing. That includes hot lingerie, tight dresses, bra and panty sets, tight sweaters, slutty dresses, low cut skimpy tops, costumes, skintight pants, and more. Because she has a wonderfully curvy body she looks good in everything, which is a big advantage for her.

If the pictures are a chance for Briana Lee to be a centerfold then the videos are a chance for her to be a pornstar. Some girls get lazy and post videos that are just filmed versions of photo shoots. Boo to those girls. Briana makes each video a shoot dedicated to your pleasure, even if the outfits are often the same as those in the picture sets. Sometimes she talks directly to you but that´s largely reserved for the webcam shows. The videos are where she dances, strips, fingers her pussy, gets off, and more. She really is like a pornstar with all the talents for arousing men that you´d expect.

How about those webcam videos? Much like the regular videos she´s acting like a pornstar, but this time it´s more personal. Even if you´re not there for the live shows (generally she does one a week) the archived shows are great. She typically chats with the viewers and then gets into dancing, stripping, groping, and masturbating. She has lots of toys to bring out and her pussy always gets off thunderously. She likes to masturbate as she lies back and spreads her legs to give the camera a perfect view of her pussy. Every once in a while a girl joins her for a webcam show and the ladies indulge in a bit of light lesbian play. Members also get access to a network of free webcam shows just like Briana´s. They´re all solo girls and they typically offer 2-3 shows a day across the network. It´s an incredible value for anyone that has paid money for a cam show before.

Croco´s Opinion

Briana Lee is a dedicated, sexy babe making porn for her fans on a weekly basis. There´s a new picture gallery, video, and webcam show available weekly. Plus, you get access to a network of free solo webcam shows for free. Briana keeps a blog and makes it clear she´s really into this career and plans on being around for a long time. Her site is almost a year and a half old and she has updated the entire time and currently has nearly 80 picture galleries, 80 videos, and nearly 70 archived webcam shows. In other words, if you like what you see on the tour then the member´s area delivers on all the promises and will feel like a great deal.


The site is clean and simple to navigate so you shouldn´t have any issues.

Pricing Policy

Membership is $26.95 every 30 days ($31.95 for 30 days non-recurring) and $53.90 for 90 days.

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